3 Cataract Eye Surgery Risk That Might Never Realize Before

Not every people realize this three cataract eye surgery risk and they doesn’t get enough information about it. Cataracts occur because the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, causing decrease in visual function. Foggy lens similar to a dirty glass that would interfere with the normal functioning of vision. To address this problem, surgery or cataract surgery is generally recommended.

Cataract surgery is actually a simple procedure and is relatively easy to do. However, like any other surgery, this procedure also has some side effects.

1. Possible risk

Possible complications of cataract surgery include sticky eyes or itching, excessive reaction of the body due to the anesthesia, the lens is damaged during surgery, or cataract fragments that are still lagging behind and thus require a second operation.

2. A little discomfort

After surgery, patients generally cannot perform normal activities and its various inconveniences that may accompany. However, this inconvenience is relatively minor compared to the benefits that can be obtained after surgery.

3. There was a vision correction

Vision correction may occur after cataract surgery. The ability of patients’ vision may be cleared, but it is not clear. This condition can be corrected by use of prescription glasses that fit that vision back clear.

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