5 Hollywood Actress Horrible Face Overdoing Plastic Surgery

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Of course we know that plastic surgery has a lot of effects and good result for us. For many people, having plastic surgery will help them to increase their confidence and appearance. And for celebrity, the plastic surgery is also aimed to enhance their looks from time to time. Various methods are used by women to be more beautiful, one of them is to perform plastic surgery. It was also done by some Hollywood actress so that their faces look more attractive than ever. Hollywood celebrities intend plastic surgery to beautify their face. But unfortunately, some of the following artists face became terrible even after perform plastic surgery.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein faces probably already quite familiar. This one addicted socialite who perform plastic surgery since 1997 having her married to a wealthy businessman. Jocelyn Wildenstein reportedly spent money amounting to USD 4 million. Not only made her look more beautiful than ever, it seems dreadful Jocelyn’s face. Even to the point, she was nicknamed the cat’s face until finally called a cat woman.

Jennifer Grey

American actress Jennifer Grey, including one which spelled out Hollywood plastic surgery fail. She chose to beautify her nose than before. As a result not look pretty, faces Jennifer Grey turned into bizarre. The nose surgery to make a career 54-year-old actress was dropped. Jennifer Grey had felt regret doing plastic surgery. In fact, before Jennifer Grey’s career was at the peak of popularity. Movie stars Dancing with the Stars is not well known even to people because of the drastic and horrible changing on her face.

Donatello Versace

It is no secret that Donatello Versace several times performs plastic surgery. Vice President leading brands began to change her face since the 1990s. But the result was disappointing. Donatello did not grow beautiful face, but it looks dreadful. Her lips became bigger than before. Her skin looks like drawn up to make it look very different from before. Although many say the surgery was failed, the 59-year-old woman was never admitted that plastic surgery was unsuccessful. Donatello did not appear as if anything happened to change her face.

Joan Rivers

The late Joan Rivers also somewhat failed to perform plastic surgery. The comedian began to make changes in her face when she was 32 years old. Joan Rivers has done it many times since the 1960s. The result? Joan Rivers does not look more beautiful than ever. Even her face became dreadful after perform plastic surgery. Joan Rivers beautify her nose, cheek and breast implants, to tighten her face. Joan Rivers’s face is completely different from the previous. Seems that everything changed since she did plastic surgery.

La Toya Jackson

Michael Jackson’s older sister was not satisfied with the original face is round and big eyes. For that La Toya perform plastic surgery to enhance her face. She began to change his cheeks and shrink her nose. Not only have that, the American singer also provided chin implant parts to make it look longer. But that does not look beautiful than ever, her face just dreadful. She had admitted that plastic surgery makes it addictive. Now her face seemed rigid because already many times carried the changes. 58-year-old woman was completely different than the original face could even say she became new person, but with the same personality.

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