5 Hollywood Actress Who Proud Having Small Breast

Having Small Breast

Some women feel proud having very big breast. And some Hollywood actress also feeling the same thing too. They felt that having big breast not only make them feel complete as a women and so sexier too. But it also helps them to enhance their career as an Hollywood actress. But it seems that not every of them feel that having big breast is necessary. That why instead of making their small breast getting bigger trough surgery, they keep its shape and size anyway. But still their career is quite bright and even famous too. Here are 5 Hollywood actress who have small breast naturally.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is one of the artists who often appeared in Hollywood movies. She often wears clothes that slightly open at the chest. Even so, Cameron still appears confident with the size of small breasts. She also was reluctant to look sexy, especially when acted in Charlie’s Angel.

Katie Holmes

Katie Homes’ assets are not too big. But Katie Holmes believes that it will not hinder her career to become a top Hollywood celebrity. Man as handsome as Tom Cruise was hooked and became her husband though they have been divorce years ago.

Paris Hilton

The controversial artist proud because of small breasted. Reality show The Simple Life has revealed that she could not understand why some women who aspire wanted to have big breasts. Paris Hilton feels proud of the size of her breasts were not for women in general. She was not even willing to change her size through surgery.

Kirsten Dunst

German and Swedish descent actress also does not have breasts that are too large. However, Kirsten Dunst feels proud and grateful with what she had. Do not feel the need to change the shape, Kirsten should feel quite sexy with her breast size. The actress who played in the movie Spiderman 1, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 3, and Wimbledon is also said that she is against breast implant surgery.

Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart was once experienced a crisis of confidence mainly because of the small size of her breasts. After a role in the movie Twilight, she does not believe that if she had a lot of fans. Kristen was no longer concerned with small breast size, she even made Robert Pattinson had fallen into her arms. Since then, she often look sexy in public.

Body Statistics Table

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Body Measurements
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