5 Hollywood Celebrities Who Has Had Breast Reduction Done

Breast Reduction

Not every woman feels happy having big breast for their own. It’s true that having big breast will make many women feel sexier. There is no exception for these Hollywood celebrities either. But some of them said that having big breast not that good and comfortable for their own. They said that experiencing backache because having very big breast. No wonder then these 5 Hollywood celebrities then conducting breast reduction to reduce their breast shape and size. Who are they?

Victoria Beckham Breast Reduction

The wife of footballer David Beckham was less confident after doing both breasts transformation. As a result, Victoria releasing breast implants in 2009. Today, Victoria breasts look smaller than ever.

Heidi Montag Breast Reduction

Heidi has done 10 times plastic surgery including breast augmentation in one day in 2010. But the results of her breast implants considered too big for her, so that in the month of November 2013 she reduced the size, from F to C cup.

Drew Barrymore Breast Reduction

At the age of 17 years, Drew Barrymore desperate to perform breast reduction surgery from the original size DD. Nevertheless, she admitted to not sorry for her decision. “I love my body now .. when my breast was so big, I became very sensitive to the appearance. And my back was sore. It feels uncomfortable. But I later learned that men like something big, “said Drew Barrymore.

Heather Morris Breast Reduction

Blond actress, Heather Morris also ever shrink the size of her breasts. Whereas before, she could enlarge her breasts. “Implants were something I thought I wanted when I was young, and now I feel no need. Rather difficult to move with large breasts because my chest was always sore. The pain always comes up, and I do not like to feel the pain so I remove the implant in the breast. “Said Heather.

Queen Latifah Breast Reduction

In 2003, the black celebrities have also had breast reduction surgery of F into a DD cup size. “I actually did not expect this small. I used to have a cup ranges of E and F. It is very large. But now DD. I want to DDD. I was a little disappointed. I missed my first appearance, ” she said.

Body Statistics Table

All body statistics are seen in the table below. Take a look at measurements like height and weight!

Body Measurements
Cup Size (US)N/A
Bra Size (US)N/A
Implants or Natural (Breasts)N/A
Shoe Size (US)N/A
Body ShapeN/A
Dress Size (US)N/A