5 People Who Were Claimed As First To Do Plastic Surgery In The World

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It has been mentioned so much if everyone wants to be seen to have an attractive appearance. Only apparently not everyone be patient for it, so that the plastic surgery is often done so that a person looks attractive in a short time. If at this time, plastic surgery became a short way to make a person cooler. Have you ever thought about how the experience of the people who perform plastic surgery for the first time in the world? Some sources claimed these 5 people has had the plastic surgery for the first time in the world. Who are these people who experienced first plastic surgery procedure in the world?

Walter Yeo

Walter Yeo is a British sailor during World War I and he was known as the first to perform plastic surgery. Yeo suffered horrific facial injuries, including the loss of the upper and lower eyelids while at HMS Warspite when war occurs Jutland. In 1917, Yeo was treated by Sir Harold Gillies, the first to use skin grafts from undamaged areas of the body. Yeo is the first patient in the hospital Gillies Queen Mary were lucky with the techniques that he developed. Yeo get new eyelids with skin grafted in the eyes and his face.

William M Spreckley

After Walter Yeo, a doctor Harold Gillies returning surgery and this time the soldier’s nose William M. Spreckley, a lieutenant of the British contingent, 16th battalion. William was patient of Gillies and hospitalized in January 1957 when he was 33 years old. William himself had gunshot wounds that damage the nose. After the first operation and maintenance, William out of the hospital 3.5 years later in October 1920 and William still perform operations gradually to get the shape of his nose again.

Willie Vicarage

Willie Vicarage suffered severe injuries, especially in the face when the War of Jutland in 1916 ago. Therefore Willie known as the first man who received facial reconstruction through plastic surgery. At that time, before modern antibiotics, making it very difficult to avoid infection from surgery. Again, the doctor who contributed to the Gillies Willie. Gillies decided to use a fold of skin on the chest or forehead to put on Willie’s face. By maintaining the blood supply to organs, apparently Gillies method can reduce the infection and of course give shape to Willie’s face again.

Timmie Jean Lindsey

In 1962, a young housewife from Texas, Timmie Jean Lindsey was persuaded to become a a guinea pig of silicone breast implants. Although his income as an employee of an electronics company, Timmie receive free treatment at a clinic for breast implants. The surgical procedure is actually intended for women who have postpartum sagging breast shape. And the result, Timmie successfully underwent the implant and opens opportunities for the millions of other women in the world to date.

Mademoiselle Geoffre

On February 17, 1926, Charles Dujarier that a French surgeon perform surgery on a young model Mademoiselle Geoffre. Geoffre itself wants to improve the shape of her legs because of too much fat via liposuction. However, the operation ends due to disasters is too tense stitching make Geoffre leg had to be amputated.

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