7 Hollywood Celebrity Having Horrible Face After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Not everyone looking good after the surgery. Some of them should accept the fact that their face is getting ruined due the surgery. Unfortunately, not only common people who gets a bad dream with plastic surgery. Even Hollywood celebrity having bad fate with plastic surgery. They are having horrible face due overdoing plastic surgery procedure. Who are they?

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyn Wildenstein reportedly spent money amounting to USD 4 million. Instead of made her look more beautiful than ever, it seems Jocelyn’s face getting more terrible. Even to the point, she was nicknamed the cat’s face until finally called a cat woman.

Jennifer Grey

American actress Jennifer Grey, including one of them which spelled as Hollywood plastic surgery fail. She chose to enhance her nose than before. As a result instead of looking pretty, her face turned into bizarre. The nose surgery to make a career 54-year-old actress was dropped. Jennifer Grey had felt regret doing plastic surgery. In fact, before it Jennifer Grey’s career was at the peak of popularity.

Donatello Versace

It is no secret that Donatello Versace several times to perform plastic surgery. Vice President leading brands began to change her face since the 1990s. But the result was disappointing. Donatello did not grow beautiful face, but it looks terrible. Her lips became bigger than before. Her skin looks like drawn up to make it look very different from before.

Joan Rivers

Deceased Joan Rivers also somewhat failed to perform plastic surgery. The comedian began to make changes in her face when she was 32 years old. Joan Rivers has done it many times since the 1960s. The result? Joan Rivers does not look more beautiful than ever. Even her face became terrible after plastic surgery. Joan Rivers beautify her nose, cheek and breast implants, to tighten her face.

La Toya Jackson

Michael Jackson’s older sister was not satisfied with her original face that is round and having big eyes. For that La Toya perform plastic surgery to enhance her face. She began to change her cheeks and shrink her nose. Not only that, the American singer also provides implants on the chin to make it look longer. But that does not make her face prettier than ever. She could admit that plastic surgery makes her addicted.

Lara Flynn Boyle

Lara Flynn Boyle is one among Hollywood artists who failed to perform plastic surgery. She originally intended to beautify her face, but apparently it was not as she wishes. Lara Flynn’s face just looks weird. It seems that plastic surgery does make Lara Flynn regret. Reportedly, because the plastic surgery her career decreased

Melanie Griffith

Plastic surgery that was performed by the ex-wife of Antonio Banderas is also arguably failed. Melanie Griffith’s face looked terrible because her lips appear shaped like a fish. As she is older, her face also getting weirder.

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