Actors Who Are Accused Having Plastic Surgery

Having Plastic Surgery

In fact it is not only women who ever felt dissatisfied with her appearance. Even male celebrities also never felt the same way. About the physical appearance has always been a big question for everyone, although the assessment is not always the same, but most people feel satisfied with their physical appearance. As a result, created a variety of ways to change the physical appearance. One of them through plastic surgery, which is performed by a doctor with passing some settings, and then produces a slightly different appearance according to the patient’s desire. Choosing stepped up and took the path of instant; the celebrity men then perform plastic surgery. Which is usually done by well-known women, now also carried out by men.

Sylvester Stallone

The first male artist to ever perform plastic surgery is Rambo actor. Sylvester Stallone admitted to having plastic surgery on his forehead. Interestingly, his mother just let him do the procedure because she already done it before. Reportedly, Stallone not only do plastic surgery on his forehead, but also on the lips and cheeks.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell had reportedly undergone plastic surgery such as face lifts and botox treatment. Is the rumor true? Admitted through Glamour magazine, Simon had done the procedure botox on his face. However, botox for him as wearing toothpaste, so do not have to be exaggerated. Simon himself regularly injects botox every year.

Pete Burns

The Dead or Alive singer is even documented plastic surgery procedures performed by him. But unfortunately for most plastic surgery is an actually terrible result. He injects the lips, cheeks implant, and perform a series of other plastic surgery makes his face so chaotic.

Michael Jackson

The late singer’s Heal the World also had time to do various series of plastic surgery. Not only once, but he almost revolutionized the entire his face and made him into a different person. Actually he is black, but through a certain procedure he managed to turn his skin to be white. He was overhauling his nose several times, lifting his forehead, lips and cheekbones operated.

Gene Simmons

KISS singer Gene Simmons admitted to undergo a face lift procedure in 2007. Rumored that the singer has excessive skin which is then moved in the chin area. Somehow happens, the face of Gene Simmons actually experiencing allergies and puffy in some parts, especially in the eye.

Body Statistics Table

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Body Measurements
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