5 Heart Surgery Procedure You Should Know

Heart Surgery Procedure

Some people maybe never realize that at least there are 5 kinds heart surgery procedure to help those who have cardiac health problem. In the medical world, which is heart surgery is a surgical procedure that aims to replace the narrowed blood vessel function that makes the blood flow to the heart is inhibited.

For your information, there are 5 kinds of heart surgery procedure. Methods of heart surgery is heart bypass done. However, there are also several other types of heart surgery. The following types of cardiac surgery that you should know.

Bypass heart surgery

This type of heart surgery is usually used to treat coronary heart disease. This heart surgery method is to create a new channel in the channel causes heart arteries have narrowed or obstructed. It is hoped the process could be returned to normal blood flow so that oxygen and nutrients carried by the blood can get to the heart muscle. In a heart bypass surgery, the surgeon can repair a maximum of four blood vessels is inhibited. The new channels are usually taken from the chest, leg, or a specific part of the patient.

Replacement / Repair Heart Valve Surgery

Heart valve serves to regulate blood flow in one direction. Each valve consists of a set of covers. When the valve is open, the flow of blood will flow directly from the chambers of the heart into the arteries. Conversely, when the valve closes, blood flow stops. Purpose valve repair surgery is to open the valve is closed which resulted in blood flow becomes impaired.

Laser Heart Surgery

In medicine, laser heart surgery known as transmyocardial laser revascularization (TLR). Laser heart surgery is usually done when the countermeasures have previously failed. On this type of heart surgery, doctors will use laser technology to create channels in the heart muscle. The goal is that the channel is able to make blood flow more smoothly.

Swelling Cardiac Surgery

Swelling of the heart is abnormal swelling of the heart muscle or the walls of the arteries. Swelling commonly occurs at the heart of the left ventricle. If not quickly treated, this heart inflammation disease can worsen and even broke a potential cause of bleeding in the body. Not only that, a heart attack is very likely to occur. Therefore, the surgeon will usually attempt to address part of the heart that swells through a swelling of the heart surgery.

Heart Transplant Surgery

the last 5 kinds of heart surgery is the heart transplant surgery. Heart transplants or also called a heart transplant is usually applied to patients with weak heart. Weak heart makes the heart is not strong enough to pump blood throughout the body. Disruption of blood flow, obviously would be harmful to the body. Therefore, the doctor would suggest doing a heart transplant operation. Heart surgery aims to replace a weak heart with a healthy heart. But this is usually a last resort, when other treatment has failed a weak heart. Heart transplant Surgery is usually not easy because there must be people who are willing to donate her heart.