Breast Reduction Procedure Information

Breast Reduction Procedure

Breast Reduction Procedure

Before having it done, knowing brief information about breast reduction procedure is a must for you. Not all women are proud to have large breasts, because the breast size that is too big can trigger discomfort. Because of that it is necessary minimizing the breast. The main indications of the breast needs to be diminished if the size is not symmetric, namely the position of the right and left are not the same. Then arises the pain in the back, neck and shoulders. Surgery begins by slicing around the areola or nipple.

The brief information about breast reduction procedure is really needed by women who will conducting this kind of procedure in the future. The goal is to take a certain part of the breast. Then the breast is raised. Location of the nipple can be moved. During surgery, the patient under general anesthesia. The surgical procedure will be adjusted to the size of the breast and the size to be achieved. The duration of the operation can take up to approximately 3 hours. Could be faster or longer.

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Anesthesia given is usually a general anesthesia. The doctor will discuss this before the surgery is performed. At the time of surgery, the doctor will wrenching part around the nipple is called the areola. The doctor will make an incision into the bottom of the breast and then lift the skin and the layer of fat on the breast until it reaches the desired size. At the end of the operation, if the nipple is not in the right position, then move the repositioning will be carried out.

Once the operation is complete you will be using gauze bandages and drainage tubes to cope with the excess fluid from swelling. After allowed to use the bra, you will be encouraged to use a special bra that is more subtle. Those are seems a very simple brief information about breast reduction procedure.