Buttock Implant Surgery Risk Please Get Aware

Buttock Implant Risk

Since it become trend, many women sometimes ignored about the buttock implant surgery risk. A consultant plastic surgeon and member of BAAPS (British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons), Nilesh Sojitra, pleaded not surprised to see the phenomenon in women’s buttocks enlargement England. According to him, there is a sharp increase in the number of British women aged 18-30 years were asked buttocks augmentation procedure, once very popular in South America for many years. However, consumers need to be wary of the dangers behind the buttocks surgery was the favorite.

But many experts has warn about buttock implant surgery risk even though it become trend lately. A professor and plastic surgeon Dr. Fuat Yuksel recently do your own research and found that there has been a 200 percent increase in the number of requests for buttock augmentation surgery during the past 12 months in the UK.

“It has long been discussed in the plastic surgery industry in the UK that buttock augmentation surgery would be the next trend,” said Fuat confirms Nilesh. “This operation is becoming popular due to the many celebrities who have a lot of fan base shows their new habits (belfie), thus affecting the fans to have an obsession have the appearance of them.”

Nevertheless, further Fuat, many plastic surgeons in the United Kingdom who decided to reject emphatically perform the procedure. They think, said Fuat, the results will not look good enough compared to the risk, or actually considered not safe at all.On the other hand, the cost to injecting fat transfer to the buttocks is very expensive. Ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 pounds. Therefore, Fuat suspect, many British women who are looking for solutions overseas in hopes of getting the same procedure but with a much cheaper price.

In fact, there is no guarantee of conducting operations in foreign countries would be safer; in fact quite the contrary. As said by consultants and cosmetic surgeons Paul Banwell The Banwel Clinic, “Almost all implants should be taken at some point. The shape is solid, unlike the implant gently used for breast augmentation. Thus, patients for the enlargement of the buttocks will often infected. ” So are you still interested in this procedure even many experts has warn you about buttock implant surgery risk?