Concept of Male Breast Reduction Procedure

Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction

Many people wonder about the process and concept of male breast reduction procedure. Men who are overweight usually have a larger breast size than the lean. This condition would make confidence slumped. Moreover man breast is difficult to remove only with exercise alone, so the breast reduction surgery was taken. Usually genetics and hormonal causes of enlarged male breasts. The use of certain medications and certain disease conditions can also cause gynaecomastia.

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Unlike a woman, of course there are some differences in male breast reduction procedure. In the male breast reduction performed by the action of ultrasound liposuction techniques because of the harsh nature of the breast that can be destroyed by optimal use of ultrasound. There will be scars but very minimal scar like a mosquito bite. Conditions that could make men lose confidence is not a rare thing, is estimated to be found in about 30 percent of men. In England and America, male breast reduction surgery became popular operating and growing rapidly in the cosmetic surgery industry.

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Even in the UK, breast reduction procedures are also performed by boys. Official data from the UK health authorities show since 2009-2012 recorded 17 10-year-olds perform breast reduction surgery. That figure does not yet include the operations performed in hospitals or private clinics so that the actual figure is believed to be larger. This allegedly associated with the tendency of obesity in children.

Gynecomastia can occur in one or both breasts. It may present itself as the excess fatty tissue or glandular tissue that excessive development. Gynecomastia can be damaging emotionally adolescent or adult males in the same way because it makes him feel less masculine and negative body image. That why male breast reduction procedure is seems important here.