Fat Reduction Surgery Procedure Get Unwanted Chubby Cheeks

Fat Reduction Surgery

Some people thinks that chubby cheeks is something annoying and they decide to get cheek fat reduction surgery procedure. For those who are aware of the appearance, round cheeks and chubby was quite disturbing. Adorable cheeks look round and it is caused due to excessive fatty deposits. These fats can be under the skin or in the cheek cavity. Fat in the cheek cavity is called buccal fat pad, said plastic surgeon.

But many people is also prefer having cheek fat reduction surgery procedure to get instant result. Because the cause is excessive fat pile, one that is to reduce subcutaneous fat with liposuction. Or accompanied by reducing the buccal fat pad directly. Expectations maximum that can be expected after surgery removal of fat in the cheeks that are face more gaunt appearance. Naturally maximum expectation that can be obtained when the operation was performed by a plastic surgeon. The first step that must be taken before surgery removal of fat in the cheek that is consultation. During the consultation, the doctor and the patient are able to learn. In the consultation session doctor will evaluate the state of the patient’s cheek, age and medical history.

During the consultation the patient is given the opportunity to express expectations of the results of the desired face and given time to ask clearly about the operation to be executed, such as the risks, methods of operation and other important information. Patients must understand the procedures that run before deciding to undergo surgery. For suction and discharge operation of the cheek fat that can be done with a local anesthetic action that was completed within one to two hours. The plastic surgeon will start the incision about two or three centimeters between the cheek and gum, starting from the upper molars on both until the back of the mouth. This incision will expose the cheek muscles.

By conducting external pressure under the cheek bone, fat cheeks would swell from the slices. Then the fat will be suctioned. Once the fat was successfully removed from the cheek, the doctor will then close the incision. With the instant result, no wonder cheek fat reduction surgery procedure become kind of trend this day to removed unwanted chubby cheek.