Heart Surgery Procedures Treatment Recommendation

Treatment Heart Sugery

Just like any other medical act, there are recommendation treatment for each patient after the heart surgery procedure. Whatever type of heart surgery you do, you need to know what you should do in order to be able to achieve complete healing immediately after surgery. Before leaving the hospital, you must be provided with information about what should and should not do during the recovery period after heart surgery that lasted approximately 6 to 8 weeks.

And here are special yet recommendation treatment after the heart surgery procedure for everyone

The surgical wound

It is important to remember that the wounds caused by the operation must be clean and dry. Bandages may need to be replaced several times a day. If it is not advisable to apply ointments or other liquid in the wound by a doctor, you should not apply anything to the injured heart surgery. A healthy diet is also necessary to speed up the healing process. If the surgical wound has dried tolerable, allowed a quick shower without soaking. The water temperature is acceptable is lukewarm temperature. Temperature extremes can cause loss of consciousness.

Relieve pain

Post-heart surgery, is very reasonable if you feel the tension in the muscles, discomfort, and numbness in the wound. For bypass surgery, you will feel pain in the foot. Over time, your legs will be a little more comfortable. Usually the doctor will provide you with medication painkilling drugs in addition to other heart disease that you make a full recovery.


Your doctor will tell you when you may begin driving again. Usually driving allowed while convalescing heart surgery has entered eight weeks. Before that, you better be forewarned though your passengers will feel fine while driving. In week eight, you are usually not allowed to drive continuously

Mental state

Once out of hospital cardiac surgery patients most unstable in the emotional and mental causes do not know what to do. Feeling sad and depressed for some time is normal. To relieve mental states and emotions are not balanced, you can do something like: dressing well every day, running every day, doing hobbies and socialize, express what you feel, enough sleep, and contact your doctor for treatment if needed. And by conducting that recommendation treatment after heart surgery, it will help you to getting recovery soon.