Laser Lipolysis Non Invasive Liposuction Surgery Procedure

Lipolysis Surgery Procedure

Non invasive liposuction surgery procedure with the laser or called as Lipolysis getting famous this day. Maybe for some people rather lay heard the word laser lipolysis, well, if to talk about liposuction certainly is not foreign to our ears sounds. Laser lipolysis and liposuction it all the way for someone who is overweight to restore to the appropriate size to standard size. The current weight loss in a short time become a trend not only among artists but also from various circles.

Yes Lipolysis is known as non invasive liposuction surgery procedure with the laser. Lipolysis according to doctors from Nibelth Clinic which is the latest technology in the world of destruction of fat by using a special tool that can deliver laser energy through the fiber optic supported by a metal needle that is wrapped. To enter into the body quite incision measuring 3 to 5 mm by using a local anesthetic so only needed relatively little liquid anesthetic. It is normal that the preferred patient is very minimal bleeding even none at all because the laser beam will make the blood vessels shut so bruising is also certain rare. Results from the action of laser lipolysis does not cause waves on the surface of the skin given the fat melts easily and then get out quickly and easily and Kenis laser used is Nd Yag kind of long pulse, the laser beam can easily reach the fat under the skin so as to stimulate collagen tissue, thus stimulating the skin faster and do not slacken cellulite Senra was immediately lost.

For the age limit of patients so far there are 15 years to 70 years can be done, as well as for those who suffer from diabetes, heart disease and hypertension can follow a program of laser lipolysis, but a few days before doing laser those suffering from the disorder will be given certain medications so laser can be done effort. But Lipolysis: or non invasive liposuction surgery procedure with the laser is quite expensive.