Laser Treatment Eye Surgery Remove Eye Bag

Laser Treatment Surgery

Having eye bag removed could be easier with this kind of eye surgery procedure with the laser treatment. Common effect of aging is growing bags under the eyes. This usually occurs because the protective layer of fat on the border with eyes began sagging due to gravity and loss of skin elasticity.

This dilemma does not only make the face look older, but also cause a person always seems tired. Through eye bags removal treatment, patients can look younger and fresher. Treatment options to remove bags under the eyes in the past largely depends on the surgical procedure called blepharoplasty. Blepharoplasty necessitate incisions for easy retrieval fat pads of the lower eyelid. Although the aesthetic results achieved are generally pretty good, but needed a lot of rest and maybe there is a complaint that can last up to 2-4 weeks.

And today, eye surgery procedure with the laser treatment could be best solution for non invasive eye bag removal. The increasing demand for non-surgical procedure to treat eye bags childbirth techniques with laser removal of eye bags without surgery with the help of an optical fiber laser. Using only a local anesthetic is injected into the eye socket area that needs to be repaired, a small needle entry point is made in the lateral edge of the eye socket to enter the fiber laser into the eye socket. This laser induces simultaneous effect on fat emulsification of fat and lower eyelids while providing skin tightening effect. Implementation of the entire procedure usually takes 30 minutes.

The time required to recover the break only a mild swelling that will disappear within 2 to 3 days. In contrast to surgery, you will not feel pain, no bruising and does not require stitches. Care needs to be done only once, but the results are permanent, and the fat that has been corrected eye bags will not recur. If you are having problems eyelids mild to moderately severe, this procedure offers the right alternative to traditional blepharoplasty.And seems that this eye surgery procedure with the laser treatment is great for the eye bag problem.