Lip Implant Surgery Procedure Getting Sexy Lip In Instant Way

Lip Implant Surgery Procedure

It was revealed by many medias today that to get sexy lip instantly, many women then tried the shortcut through lip implant surgery procedure. Now more women who want full lips and sexy. Based on expert testimony, the women did not hesitate to do the implant on their lips to get the craving lips. Unlike injection lips that only lasted for a few months, lip implants are permanent unless removed. Is a popular lip implants done by a woman who has never done before temporary lip injections.

Through its instant and a short cut to get sexy lip, lip implant surgery procedure also having complicated maintenance. “People were getting lip injections should return to the doctor every six months or once a year,” said Dr. Adam Hamawy, a plastic surgeon in New York City, as reported by the NY Daily News. According Hamawy, lip implants have better results than regular injections. Injection can look like bumps and unnatural, while the implant is more natural look. Additionally, patients can choose their own shape and size they want.

Hamawy himself admitted that in a month he could perform lip implants as much as two to three times. This figure is quite high after rare women who do lip implant, almost zero per month. As well as breast implants or beard, lip implants is safe. Lip implant surgery usually takes half an hour. Ladies, what you are also interested in doing this implant? But makes sure you get a lot of information about lip implant surgery procedure and choosing the sight doctor to get the best and safer result while deciding to do it.