Non Invasive Jawline Procedure for Facial Contour

Jawline Procedure

To get natural facial contour, today non invasive jaw line surgery procedure seems becomes a new trend. Although BOTOX is an incredible way to get rid of wrinkles, smoothing skin folds is not the only thing you can do to improve the appearance. It can also modify the contour of the jaw.

For most of us, the face of an attractive woman is determined by several features such as a wide glowing eyes, a small nose and skin clean. The overall shape of the face in the form of inverted triangle or heart, where the top face gradually tapers toward the chin. Square jaw considered a more masculine features that provide more square shape of the face, and for this reason, the formation of the contour line of the jaw become a popular cosmetic procedure.

And today to create facial contour, many women started to attracted top non invasive jaw line surgery procedure. The doctor can sculpt the jaw line to perform some techniques, especially erodes the jawbone, eliminating the muscles in this area, or take away the outer layer of the mandible (lower jaw). Some of these techniques are considered as a form of sculpting the jaw line “traditional”. Facial implants can also be used to change the contours of the area.

But if you do not want surgery, you can choose a non-surgical alternative. Imagine you can improve facial contours in an hour lunch, then drove himself back to the office or home to resume normal activities without any complications! Yes, that simple! With BOTOX injections into the masseter muscles, your jaw line can be transformed into something that enhance your face.

In order to find out whether this solution is suitable for you, consultations will be held with Dr Ram to discuss your goals and assess your physiology. The structure of your face will also be examined. If the masseter muscle is not indicated as a reason for your square jaw, sculpting the jaw line with BOTOX may be considered unsuitable and alternatives can be suggested. When non-surgical method was not suitable or cannot achieve the desired results, surgical sculpting the jaw line with the best solutions are you interested in this non invasive jaw line surgery procedure to create perfect facial contour?