Two Main Techniques Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Breast Augmentation Surgery

In medical field, there are two main techniques breast augmentation surgery that help you to get wonderful chest. In addition to operations in the face, like the nose and eyes, other body parts are also so coveted woman to surgery is breast. There are two breast augmentation techniques that can be done. What is that? There are two breast augmentation surgery procedures.

The first is the addition of silicone breast augmentation with implants. Through a 4 cm incision under the breast, the implant is inserted at the bottom of the breast. Breast surgery with the addition of silicone implants usually takes 1-2 hours. The patient will need local anesthesia or depending on their needs.

Cell breast augmentation is the second one from two main techniques breast augmentation surgery procedure. Surgical procedure with stem cells is considered to be more natural because it uses the fat from the patient’s own body. Abdominal fat is taken mixed with stem cells. The procedure is made 4 mm incision under the breast, the stem cell is inserted into the breast. Abdominal fat is then transferred to the breast. But not just any fat removal, the procedure is also accompanied by administration of stem cells in the fat will be injected.

The purpose of the provision is no other stem cells that are injected fat can grow properly, so the breasts do not shrink back. It almost 100% of the injected fat will continue to live in this procedure. With the existence of stem cells, it is hoped there will be regeneration of cells so that the quality of the breast skin to become even better.

The procedure of breast augmentation using stem cells is done in three stages. The first begins with liposuction (liposuction) to take the fat from the abdominal area, buttocks or areas of excess fat. This procedure is done as liposuction procedure in general is using a special cannula that is inserted into the body to break down fats and sucked out. So which one did you prefer from those two9 main techniques breast augmentation procedure?