Bad Effects of Botox Which Revealed by Kim Kardashian

Bad Effects of Botox

Kim Kardashian complaints about botox arise from a process that she did in Laser Away salon in Beverly Hills, United States. The salons claim they are the best about botox injection. In fact, for the first time in her life, Kim forehead getting reddening. Expectations appear perfect in public suddenly vanished. Botox is already as part of a world-class celebrity culture. Model and actress Brooke Shields is considered as the most regular Botox users. Jennifer Lopez managed to rejuvenate the face with this technology. Not only women, men also use this procedure. At The Orange County Register, Simon Cowell had said, “Botox is nothing more special than toothpaste. And of course it also has bad effects too. And her are the bad effects of botox that was revealed by Kim Kardashian

  • As experienced by Kim Kardashian, your skin will appear red at some point of botox injection needle marks. Excerpted from the Mayo Clinic via Livestrong, the pain also appears along with the skin muscles that react due to a puncture needle containing botox.
  • There are times when these substances are spread past the lines of muscles beneath the skin and into the muscles in the body. Some serious symptoms such as difficulty breathing and speaking and swallowing can occur because of muscle weakness.
  • Due to the strong reaction of botox to the muscles, usually part of a raised eyebrow and looks unnatural. Quoted from Skin Tour, adding a few doses at point of it can “neutralize”.
  • Still ranged muscle reactions, your head will experience stiffness while agonizing. It takes time to restore order to seem natural, that by resting all the muscles of the face.
  • Blurred vision usually happens when you inject Botox around the eyes. Which relaxes muscles suddenly make the view becomes vague.

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