Benefit Lasik Eye Procedure Cure Minus Eyes Disorder

It has been proved that the benefit lasik eye surgery procedure could cure severe minus eyes disorder. Eye lasik technology (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is often a mainstay for people who do not want to wear glasses. Often we hear, the eyes are minus, cylinder, or even may return zero plus thanks to lasik eye surgery. But when minus suffered already very high, for example minus nine or more than 10, whether the lasik eye technology capable of making zero return? LASIK eye surgery capability to create zero return refractive errors of the eye depends on the technology used lasik eye.

LASIK eye increasingly sophisticated technology used, the more able to recover the refractive errors of the eye. LASIK eye technological sophistication associated with the ability to reduce the amount minus the eye because of increasingly sophisticated tools lasik eye, the less corneas were scrapped. That is, the greater the reduction in refractive errors that can be done.

Refractive errors is the anatomy of the eye disorder that makes the light entering the eye is not passed right at the focal point. This is what makes the vision becomes unfocused. Meanwhile, the lasik eye surgery in principle scrape the cornea or the outer portion of the eyeball so that light entering the eye to the right to arrive at the focal point.

Increasingly sophisticated technology used lasik eye, the cornea is scraped thinner to reduce refractive errors. LASIK eye with the old technology, to reduce the negative one requires cutting up to 20 microns, is now only about six to 10 microns only.

Lasik eye, cornea of ​​the human eye have an average thickness of approximately 500 microns. While in LASIK eye, the cornea needs to be made an incision depth of 110 microns and 250 microns should be left. Means, “the rest” of the cornea that can be erased is 140 microns. For example, someone with a minus nine could not be fully recovered by cutting 20 microns for each minus owned.

Meanwhile, the results of LASIK eye will be different if the reduction is equivalent to cutting minus 6-10 microns. With lasik eye the new technology, minus the limit that can be corrected is from minus half to minus 14. If more than that, it may only be lowered with lasik eye.

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