Benefit Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Cure Cylindrical Eye

There are so much benefit from lasik eye surgery procedure to cure cylindrical eye disorder. Lasik eye, eyes or astigmatism cylindrical (medical) is a condition in which the surface of the eye called the cornea or lens of the eye which lies deeper, has a different curvature on its surface. Normal eye would have a uniform surface in each direction, but in the eyes of cylindrical, there are several areas on the surface that partially flat or inclined in. This situation causes the light entering the eye will not refracted at the focal point so that the object being viewed is not clear and shaded.

LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis. Definition of Lasik eye surgery is an act of the cornea using a laser beam aimed at improving visual acuity. Thus, to reduce dependence on glasses or contact lenses.

LASIK eye surgery performed by dissecting the eye, fix the eyepiece with the help of advanced laser equipment. LASIK eye surgery is performed only takes about 20 minutes and without a sewing process, because the surgery is done using a laser. Surgery is performed to cut the corneal layer, then the irradiation to repair the damaged eye, then the cornea is closed and will stick to itself without the need for stitches so lasik eye does not cause scars / stitching.

During LASIK eye surgery, eye drops are used to numb the eye. Corneal suction ring repaired using some sort. Thin membrane, round, and wedge cut from the outer layer of the cornea, using a special device. Folds the cornea is not removed entirely, but pulled back so that the surgeon can work on networks that lies beneath.

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