Best Chemical Peeling Information

Best Chemical Peeling Information

Does the presence of black spots, dull skin caused by exposure to the sun, wrinkling up fine lines around the lips and eyes bother you? Now more and more facial exfoliation treatment, known as Chemical Peeling offered at various salons or beauty clinic. Chemical Peeling what exactly is it?

Chemical Peeling process carried out in several stages and must be handled by a specialist. The face will be cleaned of all types of dirt and grease. Te procedure is by applying chemicals, such as glycolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, or carbolic acid (phenol).

Before treatment, the doctor will ask the patient to stop all drug consumption and antibiotic so that the process goes quickly. And when running the chemical peeling, the skin will feel like being stung. Furthermore, it will feel cooler after compressed with cold water.

Chemical Peeling promised results is the change in skin color becomes lighter. Because the patient continues to consume drugs that ultimately led to the process of change in pigmentation. Another risk is the thin scar that will be addressed further by the doctors and usually results in skin quality is better than before. For patients with a history of skin diseases such as herpes, you should consult a doctor and there will be a drug that should be consumed first.

In the treatment of mild-peeling, the skin will become reddened and can last up to seven days. If you want to continue treatment should be performed after one to four weeks later. While the medium-depth treatment will lead to swelling in the skin that last up to two weeks. Further treatment (if necessary) performed a year later.

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