Bollywood Actor Who Are Allegedly Having Plastic Surgery

Actor Having Surgery

Plastic surgery becomes a thing that is quite reasonable when done by women. But what if plastic surgery was performed by men? Apparently, there are some Bollywood actors who perform plastic surgery. There are indeed perform plastic surgery, there are also only inject botox to stay young. Though plastic surgery isn’t something strange for the actor, but it hard to believe that Bollywood men has had it done. It because they are looks so fine and natural. But who knows that their good looking appearance were allegedly is the plastic surgery result

Aamir Khan

Who would have thought that Aamir Khan is aged 49 years? Let’s see his face, still deserve to be considered old 30s? Apparently, the news circulating that Aamir has been doing some plastic surgery, primarily associated with the wrinkles on his face. The appearance of the man born March 14, 1965 was looks quite a difference between the film a few years ago and his performance in the film Dhoom 3

Anil Kapoor

Anil seemed never aged. In fact, this year his age is about 57-year-old. Apparently, the secret behind the youthful appearance is injecting botox! Yes, although not admit it openly, but a reliable source said that Anil perform injections that can make wrinkles disappear. No wonder if his face stay young even though he was already more than half a century.

Saif Ali Khan

Although already 43 years old, Kareena Kapoor’s husband still looks youthful. His face was free of wrinkles, and no visible signs of aging in him. Apparently, according to the widely circulated newspaper, Saif doing Botox injections in his face. This is one way of Saif to look young and can still compete with the male fans of his young wife. Certainly is also useful to compete with the newcomers in Bollywood

Shahid Kapoor

Shahid realized that the appearance is one of the capitals to survive in the entertainment industry. For that reason, the former lover of Kareena Kapoor was doing plastic surgery. One of the operations that he did was to reduce the shape of his nose that is too big. Shahid now has a different appearance, his nose became smaller but still sharp, and he is no longer a big nose nicknamed by his friends.

Salman Khan

This year, the film stars JAI HO would enter the numbers of48 years, has been nearly half a century. But the appearance of Salman could still look youthful. As if he was aged 30 years. Apparently, Salman Khan’s secret is doing botox injections. Salman skin secret that is still smooth is Botox injections. Moreover, Salman also relied on a strict diet in order to stay slim, so that his looks getting fresher.

Shahrukh Khan

It turns out, just like Salman Khan, SRK is also reportedly doing botox injections. In addition, he is the brand ambassador of a skin care product, do not be surprised if his face is always fresh and smooth because definitely get the treatment from a product which he starred.

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