Bollywood Star Who Have Odd Nasal Shape From Rhinoplasty

Odd Nasal

Not only Hollywood star that relied their appearance to plastic surgery. Even Bolywood actor and actress are also doing the same thing to do. They also got the surgery done to enhance their appearance. Some of them seem focused their surgery in the nasal area. The rhinoplasty or nose job seems kind of popular procedure in Bolywood. And here are some Bolywood stars that have strange yet odd nasal shape due plastic surgery.

Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra’s nose is one of the victims failed plastic surgery. Her nose bone seems so too thin with the large in the rear area. But Koena claimed to be happy with the current shape of her nose from her plastic surgery result. Although others say her nose is funny, but Koena seems not too care. She is remains proud of the results from plastic surgery she does.

Saif Ali Khan

There is nothing wrong with the Saif Ali Khan nasal shape. The tip of his nose is wide enough derived from his family, which he also passed on to his two sons. Although some people say that the shape of his nose is funny, but he is not embarrassed and does not want to change it. But some people believe lightweight plastics surgery helped improve the shape of his nose.

Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty reportedly several times got a nose job, but until now she has not gotten a nose that is really appropriate for her. Shilpa itself has been reluctant to do surgery again. Thus, although the form of her nose looks so funny now, she seems maintains the shape of her nose. Shilpa had been satisfied with the surgery performance on her nose this time.


Formerly Sridevi nose not like this, but it’s beautiful star wants to improve the shape of her nose and had plastic surgery. Unfortunately, plastic surgery she did failed, and the shape of her nose became funny. But Sridevi no longer wanted to go the plastic surgery. She chose to let her current any in a shape as it is today.

Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan’s nasal tip is rather large, and Bollywood mega star was well aware about the shape of his nose. But Shahrukh Khan is reluctant not to do plastic surgery to correct the shape of his nose. However, some people believe that he has done a plastic surgery though the results have not changed much.

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