Brief Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure Information

Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

There are some information regarding to the lasik eye surgery procedure. Lasik eye is a process that is performed in order to get back to normal vision. With the LASIK eyes, then someone is able to get a good vision when he previously impaired. The vision disorders include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and a combination of disorders.

In LASIK surgery, there is an ultra thin flap used for surface of the eye during surgery. Your eyes will be positioned under the laser, and an instrument called a speculum will be used to keep your eyelids open. The surgeon uses ink marker to mark the cornea before making a flap. Then, a suction ring is applied to the front of your eyes to prevent eye movement or loss of contact that can affect the quality of the crease.

The surgeon then uses a computer to adjust the excimer laser to prescribe certain eye. You will be asked to look at a target light a short time and he watched your eyes through a microscope as a laser sends light to your cornea. The laser beam painlessly reshape the cornea, even though you may feel some pressure on your eye. You will also hear a clicking sound is stable while the laser operates. LASIK eye surgery performed on each eye separately, with each operation lasted only about five minutes.

After LASIK surgery, there are several steps that will be undertaken by the patient. Here are the stages after the completion of the operation:

  • Eyes closed with plastic blocks 2-3 hours because the eye will be watery. In this condition the patient is recommended to sleep.
  • On waking, the patient can open the plastic block and vision will be felt more clearly.
  • Should not be in contact with water for 3 days. The reason is, because it feared that the water is not sterile can cause infection in the eye.
  • Your doctor will give you eye drops to speed up the recovery.
  • After 3 days, the patient is allowed to bathe as usual. But should not swim up to 1 month..0

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