Celebrities May Get Skin Whitening Procedures

Get Skin Whitening Procedures

White skins are the same as beautiful? Well, not only the many women who think so. In fact, not a few artists who are thinking the same thing. Not quite satisfied with her physical appearance now, there are some artists who tasted well as procedures so that the skin whitening skin color becomes more white. Starting from bleaching, injectable vitamin C and some other procedures have been done in order to get white. What is being done and anyone who did it?

Tempestt Bledsoe

Reported by Listpost.net, artist Tempestt Bledsoe rumored skin bleaching procedure with the bleaching technique. Even so, she denied and said that she actually suffering from vitiligo, a disease causing a loss of brown pigment in the skin.

Chanel Iman

World know the figure of a beautiful model named Iman. Still looks pretty in age is not young anymore. But if you pay attention to the pictures and compare them from ancient times to the present, you will find an oddity. Iman skin color is now brighter than ever before. Is it really just a lighting effect or skin whitening rumor is true?


After observing the many photos on the red carpet, many fans who thought that Beyonce has been doing on her skin bleaching. Beyonce then never respond to this rumor, but many more widely talked about changes in hair color and her skin.

Vbys Kartel

The figure of R & B singer named Vbys Cartel is one of the artists who claimed that she did skin bleaching. The Jamaican singer performs various whitening procedures from head to toe. And in fact, she created her own line of whitening products are sold.

Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson is a celebrity who is openly talking to the world that he has done the procedure whitens the skin. Initially stated that he suffered from vitiligo, but then he did some bleaching and other beauty procedures.

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