Children Lasik Surgery Procedure Information

Children Lasik Surgery

There are some important information about lasik eye surgery procedure for children that should known more by the parents. Even so, lasik eye still leaves a question mark this procedure can be done in children. This issue becomes a debate between ophthalmologist. Most eye doctors are reluctant to treat children’s eyes are still developing. But on the other hand, some cases showed that children can also benefit from this operation.

Children are not candidates to perform lasik eye. At that age, their eyes still growing. Food and Drug Administration (Institute of Food and Drugs in America) do not approve of people under the age of 18 years to perform lasik eye. This is because the growth of the eye and the length of the eyeball usually will be stable when someone at the age of 21 years.

The FDA does not recommend that the size of the Lasik for their glasses or contact lenses is still changed in the past year. Usually the size of the glasses that the addition occurs in children and adolescents. If there are significant changes in the size of the patient’s glasses is not a candidate for LASIK action.

Another reason why children are not allowed to perform LASIK is though is a safe and effective procedure, Lasik eye have serious complications. Some adult patients who have undergone LASIK surgery there were experiencing weakening vision problems (double vision, glare to light, to the poor quality of night vision), dry eye syndrome and even loss of vision.

Body Statistics Table

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