Get Sharper Nose Through Filler Injection Without Surgery

Filler Injection Without Surgery

Being beautiful is the desire of every woman. Undeniably, from various parts of the face, the nose is one of the components that determine a person look attractive or otherwise. Pointy nose is believed to create a more attractive appearance. In general, the Asian nation’s nose looks a bit wide and less sharp, and therefore various techniques beheading of the nose is also very popular in Asia. It used to repair a nose (rhinoplasty) is synonymous with cosmetic surgery procedure that requires a long recovery time and sometimes leave scars, so that the patient’s activity will be disrupted for some time. But along with the development, requests for non-surgical and non-invasive rhinoplasty increasingly. People need procedures that provide real results with minimal side effects.

One alternative to get sharper nose without surgery is the procedure of nose augmentation by filler injection. Filler is a technique of injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) to the bottom layer of the skin to add volume and tighten the skin. Hyaluronic acid itself is already there in our body but the number is limited. Filler is an ideal non-permanent filler that does not cause an allergic reaction, do not cause inflammation, can be absorbed by the body and provide a natural look. Although practically non-permanent filler and without pain, do not last a lifetime such as plastic surgery, generally last 6-12 months. HA is injectable will blend with the natural HA in nose and over time completely absorbed by the body.

The advantages non surgical rhinoplasty with filler is a short process time, it only takes about 15-30 minutes, and minimal down time that no negative effects such as swelling surgery or stitches, recovery time is much reduced even practically close to zero compared with the technique of rhinoplasty procedures surgery, so the patient can return to work as usual on that day as well. This procedure can even be performed in the lunch hour, and the patient can return to work afterwards, because the action is also known by the term “Lunchtime Nose Job”. Other advantages of using a filler Restylane, nose reconstructed repaired when patients feel less fit, how to inject the substance hyaluronidase in the injectable filler.

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