History Nose Job Procedure

History Nose Job Procedure

Although many are shy, it has a lot of women who dared to correct the shape of their nose. Most of them change their little noses to beautify appearance. Not only the results that need to be known, but you also need to know how the nose surgery history. Let’s look at history in a nutshell. Rhinoplasty or so-called rhinoplasty was already there since the year 500 BC. Originally an Indian physician named Sushruta, known as’ the father of plastic surgery “to introduce plastic surgery to his students.

That time, he used the technique of rhinoplasty to reshape the nose is broken off as a result of sentences for crimes they had committed. Plastic surgery technique is still popular in India until the 18th century. It was only in 1898, a surgeon named Jacques Joseph perform rhinoplasty for cosmetic purposes. At that time he operated on a young man who was embarrassed by the shape of her nose. The young man went to Joseph because Joseph heard a surgeon to successfully perform otoplasty (plastic surgery for the ears).

Rhinoplasty became very famous in the 30s for thousands of Hollywood flocked improves the shape of their nose. There are two things in this nasal surgery ie general anesthetic and local anesthetic. General anesthetic (closed rhinoplasty), making an incision in the patient’s nostril. While local anesthetic make an incision in the skin barrier nostrils alone. In some cases, surgeons formed a little piece of cartilage in the nose or ears for a sharp nose. This technique is usually done to repair the tip of the nose and big round. Can also be used to treat respiratory problems in the nose.

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