Hollywood Legend With Beautiful Lip Shape

Legend  Beautiful  Lip

It’s been known that Hollywood is full with beautiful woman and their attractive appearance. Not only today, even in the past Hollywood been known with their actress that not only beautiful but also having talented acting skill too. And since along time, many have paying attention with each body part of the Hollywood actress. And some of them pays attention to the legendary actress with beautiful lips in Hollywood. If today we know that Angelina Jolie with beautiful and sexy lip, in the past there are some Hollywood actress who have beautiful lips either. No matterit’s the plastic surgery or not, but their lips is really stunning and still considered as one of the best till today. At least there are three Hollywood legendary actresses who considered having sexy and beautiful lips. How are they?

Marilyn Monroe

Monroe was phenomenal artist who had been named as American Sex Idol in the 60s. Monroe sensual lips are sexy secret hiding all this time. Appeal lips, able to interpret the overall beauty face.

Elizabeth Taylor

Old actress who still exist, obviously has amazing lips. Although she was already more than half a century, but her beauty never dies. Her physical shape is also perfectly proportioned with a balanced harmony between the eyes, sharp nose and lip shape that suits her appearance.

Ava Gardner

Appreciation of the most beautiful lips Hollywood has also been given to the actress’ 50s, Ava Gardner. Lip shape is so elegant, interesting and fascinating eventually able to captivate Frank Sinatra to marry her.

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