How Tightened The Neck Without Having Plastic Surgery

Tightened  Plastic  Surgery

Neck skin has different characteristics from facial skin. If the skin tends to appear smooth, the neck usually has a slightly rough skin. In some people, the skin surface appears mottled neck like a chicken skin because the oil glands that is widely available there. In other cases, there are lines in the neck that showed experiencing sagging neck skin. Indeed there are many who are confused, in fact the neck skin should be treated the same as a face, or other part in your body. Mishandled, neck skin does not even appear beautiful and smooth. Before it’s too late, you can try this special treatment for the neck.

Apples Masker

Grate 1 apple and melon fruit 1/4 medium size, mix the two evenly. Clean neck with cleansing milk, and then apply fruit mixture. Allow at least 20 minutes to allow the juices to seep. Then clean the neck of the mask using warm water, then rinse with cold water at the neck. Dry the neck with a towel. Use twice a week to keep your neck skin toned.

Neck exercise

Toned muscle cells that can prevent you from sagging neck skin. How to tighten it the same with other muscle toning, namely specific exercises for the neck following.

  • Turn your head to the right, then tilt the head back and hold it for 8 seconds. Do the same thing by turning the head to the left
  • Put the palms on the forehead, then push the forehead towards the front, but hold it by hand. Keep the forehead does not move forward. You will feel the movement of muscles in your neck. Do it anyway to the direction of the head to the back and to the right and left side.

Body Statistics Table

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