Information Cataract Surgery Procedure

Cataract Surgery Procedure

Before conducting this thing, there are some information you need to know about cataract surgery procedure. Cataract is a condition that affects the eyes and experienced by people aged 50 years and over. Cataracts occur because the lens of the eye becomes cloudy, causing decrease in visual function. Foggy lens similar to a dirty glass so that it will interfere with the normal functioning of vision. To address this problem, surgery or cataract surgery is generally recommended.

Cataract surgery procedure may something common for us. Cataract surgery is actually a simple procedure and is relatively easy to do. However, like any surgery, this procedure also has some side effects. Here are the advantages of cataract surgery you need to know.

Better eyesight

The most important advantage of cataract surgery is a significant improvement of the condition of vision after surgery. This operation is very simple and involves the removal of a layer of the lens cloudy lens and replacing it with another, more obvious. This surgery takes between half an hour to forty-five minutes with the use of local anesthesia around the eye.

low risk

Risks involved in cataract surgery is less than 10%. Simple procedure makes the risk to be low. Operation should also be done by people who are experts so that increasingly reduce the likelihood of complications.

A short recovery time

Unlike major surgery, the recovery time for cataract surgery is also very short. Patients are able to carry out daily activities normally within 2 or 3 weeks after opeasi. Make sure prescriptions and taking medications given to speed up the recovery.

Overcoming thoroughly

After undergoing cataract surgery, the patient can return to normal vision so that it can perform daily activities without difficulty. That’s because, cataract surgery procedure is considered as a complete solution for this problem.

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