Jaw Surgery Procedure Secret Behind Stunning South Korean Face

You might never realize that jaw surgery procedure is the secret behind every South Korean idol who have stunning facial shape. Plastic surgery in South Korea is not a foreign thing, both for women and men. In addition to plastic surgery to the nose, the other operations of interest are cutting the jawbone. So, what is the purpose of cutting jaw surgery (orthognathic surgery).

In addition to aesthetic purposes, it seems there is a medical purpose can be obtained from the operation is to restore chewing function.Many people are dissatisfied with their natural appearance choose to do plastic surgery to look more attractive. Sometimes, plastic surgery carelessly ignoring the choice despite the high risk attached to them, including the loss of life.

In South Korea, concerns over a double jaw surgery are mostly done for aesthetic increasing. Moreover, with the increasing number of people who reported post-operative side effects seriously. Such things certainly need to be considered by anyone who wants to perform cosmetic surgery, especially surgery of the jaw which can change the shape of a person’s face so that it becomes as desired. According to an international study, 52 percent of women experience major sensory problems as a result of jaw surgery. While other issues including the teeth are not aligned, difficulty chewing and jaw pain.

Many are not aware of the dangers associated with such a radical procedure and the procedure carries a high risk of complications, “said a professor in the Department of Oral Surgery Ewha Womans University Hospital in Seoul Kim Sun-jong.

In the double-jaw surgery requires cutting procedure jaw bone and tissue that is attached to realign the top and bottom jaw. Traditionally it used to be done to fix the problem function in people suffering from temporomandibular joint syndrome or congenital facial deformities.

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