Know More Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

Having a beautiful eyelid is the desire of every human being, especially women. In South Korea the latest trend being there, ie plastic surgery to make an eyelid. Plastic surgery to make the eyelids is called blepharoplasty. Eyelid plastic surgery is relatively uncomplicated and does not require a long time, approximately 60 minutes. This operation is relatively simple, only requiring precision and accuracy are very high in order to achieve maximum final results after surgery. Plastic surgery for eyelids form is divided into two parts that are upper and lower eyelid surgery. And this article will give you more information about upper eyelid surgery.

Basically to make the eyelid crease above the eye is to get rid of excess fat in the areas that have been planned to make the eyelid crease, reducing excess skin in the area that will be reduced in fat tissue and put the rest in the network vulnerable skin at the base of the eyelids.

Things that need to be discussed between patient and doctor is the design of the shape and curvature of the eyelid over the eye. It can determine the overall shape of the eyelid with the outer eye structures. In this case size also has an important role, to be able to produce on a fresh eye shape.

During this surgical procedure takes place, eyelid surgery should continue to be evaluated on a regular basis to get good precision or accuracy of the eyelid above the right eye and the left, as well as in case of a slope cultivated should not be more than 1 mm. Eyelid skin above the eyes is the thinnest skin compared to other skin that no other body part. Eyelid over the eye that has loose skin tissue properties.

Surgical scar will be closed using sutures in the skin so the technique can provide comfort and will not leave marks. 7 days after the surgery when the strength of tissue convergence as well as the maturity of wound healing has reached 80%, then the stitches can be removed.

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