Know More Safe Jaw Surgery Procedure

Jaw Surgery Procedure

Jaw surgery (two jaw) is a jaw correction surgery by means of upper and lower jaw bone is cut. The operation was necessary because of the condition of the position or function of abnormal jaw caused by a disorder of the jaw bone as a protruding chin. Advanced mouth, or facial asymmetry. The operation known as operation “Two Jaw”. The purpose of the TWO Jaw itself because the operation is performed on the upper and lower jaws.

In general, patients who considering to perform jaw surgery is the patient has a major problem in the shape of his face, accompanied by rows of uneven teeth. However, the main problem that bothers the patient is more the functional problem rather than aesthetic. With rows of uneven teeth chewing function will automatically run normally that could cause disturbances in the digestive system because cannot digest food properly.

Jaw surgery (two jaw) is reversing the function of the jaw, teeth and create a beautiful natural shape aesthetically by moving the position of the jaw to the ideal place. By moving the position of the chin bone, muscle and skin tip of the chin, cheeks, lips and skin will also move so that the patient will get a great effect change.

With the emergence of various kinds of jaw surgery at this time, many people are interested not only in the operation of the jaw by cutting or sharpening. but by looking to fill the face of the incoming or dented. The procedure is called “Mini two jaw”, this operation can produce effects such as Operation two jaw by filling in the dented in the face.

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