Know More To Lip Surgery Procedure

Lip Surgery Procedure

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile, especially for women. Cosmetic surgeon who has developed into a trend is plastic surgery to change the shape of the corner of the lip. It’s not a secret that women in Korea perform plastic surgery to enhance her face. They did a plastic surgery to create permanent smile on the lip, such as The Joker, the villain in the Batman movie. This surgery is intended in order to eliminate the pout effects of the lip by changing the angle of the curve of the lip. The results of this plastic surgery makes the lip is able to transform a smile permanently.

A surgeon named Aone Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery from the city of Yongin justify the existence of the surgery to change the shape of the lip corners named Lipt or Smile Lip + lifts and much-loved by the Korean women today. In 2012, Dr. Kwon Taek Keun, who is also the founder AONE, talking about plastic surgery removal of the corner of his mouth in the international conventions, that laxity that occurred in the corners of the mouth are inborn and are common.

In America, this kind of surgery has been known, Dr. Ritu Chopra plastic surgeon that has practiced in New York City and Beverly Hills, said to be able to relieve the sagging areas around the mouth to do the injection in the corner of the mouth in order to tighten the muscles. In general, the doctor will try to give a natural look to the face so that the face does not look like it had undergone surgery.

With a Joker smile style, then the woman will look a little scary, because they are too young to undergo muscle toning, because plastic surgery is actually intended for those who have experienced the signs of aging. But it is contrary to the opinion of Dr. Kwon of AONE, which has claimed that this operation is also able to people who are young. Because in general women are smiling asymmetrical, will tend to curl down and become less confident. So that they carry out surgery to change the shape of the corner of the lip to be able to provide a more sweet and cheerful appearance.

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