Know More To Vitamin C Collagen Injection To Enhanced Your Beauty

Vitamin C Enhanced Your Beauty

Today, women have many options for their facial beauty products. This is the latest product trends is injection Injectable vitamin C. The vitamin C that is injected into a vein in hand with a certain dose. These vitamins to make skin brighter. Vitamin C is injected into the body to absorb better because it does not have to pass through the intestines to absorb. Some progress was made to make injections of vitamin C is more complete. Some doctors prescribe vitamin C injections of collagen, which is a combination of vitamin C and collagen. This is to make the skin more radiant. The actual function of vitamin C in addition to endurance is making the skin back like skin color at first.

According to the doctor’s initial color is the skin that is not exposed to sunlight, the skin of your thigh or abdomen skin. By mixing vitamin C and collagen, the skin will become brighter.

Brighter and whiter skin is every woman’s dream. In addition to making the skin become white, collagen injections of vitamin C is able to regenarate skin and increase the body’s immunity to ward off viruses and bacteria that enter the body. You will be rarely exposed to the flu and cough if it had been injected with vitamin C collagen.

Your blood vessels become stronger and not easily easy after an injection of vitamin C collagen. For those of you that are usually difficult to recover after recovering from illness, serum vitamin C collagen will make you quickly recover.

Although its usefulness is very much, injecting vitamin C can be dangerous because if the dose is not regulated, then the performance of kidney will be more severe. Keep in mind, that vitamin C is injected will be managed by the kidneys. Therefore, if the dose is excessive, then the performance of kidney becomes increasingly severe. For the most severe cases, a person may have kidney failure.

To assist the performance of the kidney that is lighter, you should drink lots of water after the injection. Safe injection of vitamin C is as much as 8 times for a period of 3 weeks. Do not exceed the dose so that your kidneys are in good condition.

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