Korean Singer Allegedly Having Plastic Surgery

Besides famous for its Gangnam Style and its K-Pop, Korean is also famous for plastic surgery. There are many artists and South Korean actor who perform plastic surgery in some parts of the face or body. In addition to dilate the eye, they also improve the shape of the nose and jaw. Some of them are shy and never admit it. But some are admitted with confidence that beauty and good looks which is owned is the result of well-known plastic surgeon assistance. Not only that, their singers and idol also rumored having plastic surgery too. They not only having beautiful voice but also having good looking appearance that might the result from plastic surgery.

Jessica (SNSD)

Many say that all members of the group SNSD perform plastic surgery, but had circulated rumors that Jessica is the leader of the girl band perform plastic surgery. Hearing this, SM Entertainment as the agency to clarify and affirm Jessica did not undergo plastic surgery. But when seen photos before and after the debut, especially as a teenager, Jessica’s face experienced much difference.

Tiffany (SNSD)

Although never agreed questions from fans and anti-fans of the truth of her plastic surgery, Tiffany has always dubbed the queen of plastic surgery in Korea. The fact of whether or not Tiffany can be seen from the photograph of her past. There is a big difference in the nostrils of Tiffany. If the first nostrils look wide and short, today could be worn at the edges and high nasal bone.

Uee (After School)

Uee is one of the Korean artists who claim to perform plastic surgery on the eye in order to have a double eyelid. UEE and sister, Kim Yo Na is indeed confirmed her sister had undergone plastic surgery. However, Kim Yo Na explained, her sister perform surgery only on the eyes only

Shindong (Super Junior)

A few years ago, Shindong had admitted via social media accounts that he had plastic surgery on the eye. Plastic surgery to give the crease of the eye are the most common plastic surgery performed by Koreans.

Goo Hara (KARA)

Goo Hara undergoing plastic surgery in 2010. In fact, Goo Hara has had natural double eyelids. However, she admitted when debuted, her boss asked her to do plastic surgery in order to increase the beauty, and she agreed. She admits that she want changed only two front teeth that looked like rabbit. She wants to have a perfect smile.

Body Statistics Table

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Body Measurements
Cup Size (US)N/A
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