Laser Eye Surgery Risk You Should Aware More

Laser Eye Risk

There is some laser eye surgery risk that you should aware more. Laser eye surgery designed to treat refractive error (refractive errors) and improve vision, do not be surprised, if your friend no longer need glasses or contact lenses. However, is it safe?

Here are the risks of laser surgery on the eye:

  • Dry eyes

Surgery using laser directed into the eye can be very threatening, especially if something goes wrong. Dry eyes become the most common effects that occur after LASIK surgery if the tear glands affected by the laser beam. As a result, the eye loses its natural ability to moisturize.

  • Side effects disturbance in seeing

Vision problems at night and if there are spots on each object is one of eye laser LSIK surgery later, it happened due to error correction techniques cornea that occurs during the procedure.

  • Risk of blindness

Instead of fixing the power of vision is decreased due to the minus, you are exposed to the risk of a very terrible. You can only do LASIK when the level reaches minus 7 or more. Meanwhile, if you have not minus 7, the risk of blindness as a result of the operation may threaten.

  • Eyelashes grow in place should not be

LASIK surgery the laser beam can also cause damage to the inside of the eyelids. As a result, the eyelashes can grow into the eyeball. And because of that condition, you may have to undergo another surgery procedures.

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