Lasik Eye Surgery Risk Information

Lasik Eye Risk

Though pretty safe, some expert warn us about some Lasik eye surgery risk that we should aware more. Lasik is a procedure to establish the curvature of the cornea. Cornea is a black section at the front of our eyes. Why the hell should be established? Because the people whose eyes are minus or minus glasses its cornea more convex than the normal cornea.

While the eyes of the person who is not a plus parents plus 40 years, corneal tend to be flat or flat, whereas the cylinder eye corneal curvature is not equal across the corneal surface, resulting beam will be focused not retina but in front of the retina so that the vision will be blurred. With LASIK, the cornea that will be set up so that light can enter the proper focus on the retina without the aid of glasses or contact lenses.

It having so much benefit but lasik eye surgery should be getting so much attention. So if the patient has been determined as a candidate for LASIK and he deserves to be done through a variety of LASIK after examination of the patient is then determined when to come in and do the actions lasik. Usually the patient is done in anesthetic drops there is no need to inject syringes. Then the patient was brought to the room lasik, then the top surface of the cornea we open with a laser. This process requires only 10 to 15 seconds.

After it closed flat without having sewn or with any glue and finish quickly. This process takes only two eyes for about 20 minutes. So LASIK can be performed on people whose eye minus, can be up to minus 12 or plus eye can be up to plus 9 and the cylinder can be up to 8. And here are the lasik surgery risk that might appear:

  • So the risk of LASIK eye surgery is not there, but the most common side effects felt by the patient is dry eye, eye glare at night but it all goes away by itself with time.
  • For some farsighted patients, the results can reduce age.The risk of other eye lasik is if you look away, the level of improved vision after the surgery that you can naturally decreases with age. This can happen if you realize refraction (a vision exam with lenses before drops midriatil) is very different from your cycloplegic refraction (a vision exam with lenses after dilating drops / pupil dilation).
  • Suffered visual symptoms decreased.The risk of other eye lasik is some patients complained of glare, halos, and or double vision that can seriously affect night vision

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