Lasik Surgery Procedure for the Dry Eyes Health Problem

Dry Eyes Health Problem

Lasik eye is a micro-surgical procedure performed to repair damage to the eye. This procedure is not done with the blade, but with shots of laser light with a certain force. Although this procedure is said to be very effective, some people may not experience a significant increase, even after undergoing surgery. It is also found good results only for patients who have mild or moderate eye problems and not for those who have severe eye problems and has long been.

While some may experience bulging eyes, their halos, and double vision, trouble with night vision also found. Most patients may experience dry eyes for several months after surgery, but for some, severe dry eye syndrome can last longer and require treatment.

Dry eye occurs after LASIK eye is a disorder that often occurs even almost half of the patients who underwent surgery. Under these conditions, the average had a mild nature and only temporary, but in particular dry eye patients were able to be present for months or even years.

However, many people who experience dry eyes often find solutions in LASIK surgery. They are usually aware that contact lenses are worn already was quite uncomfortable and greatly affect vision or sight. Fortunately, there are a lot of progress regarding LASIK surgery, especially with regard to technology. You will get an early detection that allows the eye to experience drought or no postoperative

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