Lucy Liu Botox Surgery

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Looking at Lucy Liu plastic surgery result, we might know her reason why to do it. The main reason Lucy got the surgery done is because she want to smoother her career in Hollywood. Of course with her Asian face, actually she has a lot of chance to get many roles in Hollywood. But seems that the actress doesn’t really believed in facts that her Asian face is stunning too. that why she got the surgery to make her face looks more America rather than Asia. Though the result actually not too bad, but the plastic surgery actually is the unnecessary thing for her. Lucy Liu is really beautiful with her Asian face though she seems never believed it so well. That why she then took the surgery to fills her dream. Lucy Alexis Liu (劉玉玲 pinyin: Liú Yuling) is an American actress, born December 2, 1968 in New York. She is particularly known for her roles killer in the movie Payback and Kill Bill saga.

Lucy Liu Botox Surgery

Judging from before and after picture, Lucy Liu may have changed her facial appearance through the botox injection done. We don’t know exactly when her botox injection starting but seems that the actress already got it since last 2002. It because at that time she is still having that Asians face which is become her signature. But after that, her face seems changed a little by little. Seems that she started the botox injection since then and continued it till today. Of course the botox giving her the changing looks as you can see today. Her face is less Asians and now looks like more American. Today her face looks so tight and toned with rigid looks. It’s true that her face is wrinkles free but it also very toned too. Beside that some parts of her face also bit lifted to. The forehead looks higher than before with some parts of her face is also looks too toned too. Even though she is looking good with the surgery, but she doesn’t really need the botox at all.