Mental Disorder Threaten Those Who Are Conducting Plastic Surgery

Mental Disorder Conducting Surgery

It is undeniable that every human being wants to have a perfect appearance. Not a few people who perform plastic surgery to achieve this goal. However, we know that cosmetic surgery is not so good in fact can lead to mental disorders? Someone who perform cosmetic surgery if it does not get satisfactory results, most likely the person will re-corrected and re-do the operation. People like this have an incomplete interpretation of the concept of them selves as well as their personality.

This is seen from a woman who wants to look more beautiful and men who want to look good, so they feel that they do not deserve and feel depressed. With that end they think they have to improve their appearance with surgery.

Several studies have found that there is a psychological disorder in patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. A study conducted in the United States as well-known clinics showed 21% of cosmetic surgery patients had a history of mental disorders, and 21% were undergoing psychiatric treatment.

People who have done cosmetic surgery experience a mental disorder associated with social personality disorder and can lead to the suicide.Unfortunately, many cosmetic surgery patients are not aware that they had a mental disorder. Usually they have high hopes on the results of operations that they did, but in reality is not.

Because feelings are not satisfied with the results of operations performed that later led to the patient’s psychological conflict. Surgery patients can actually perform the operation repeatedly even to addiction, just to get the results in accordance with his wishes. Such patients are said to suffer from BDD (Body Dismorphic Disorder). They will feel depressed because it always felt physically imperfect.

Body Statistics Table

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