Pacemaker Surgery Patient Are Not Allowed Getting Tired

Pacemaker Surgery Patient

Patients who already wear a pacemaker, actually advised to avoid strenuous activity and excessive. Strongly recommended for patients who have a pacemaker for frequent control and check-up at least once a month. Later the patient’s heart rhythm will be checked using an electrocardiograph (ECG).

Irregular heart rhythm indicates a normal pacemaker function, otherwise it must immediately be repaired. The normal rhythm of the heart at rest is 60-100 times per minute. For patients (bradycardia) or a slow heart rhythm required to use a pacemaker. This tool is also used for patients with drug toxicity, genetic disorders, or patients with heart failure.

Form pacemaker itself by stopwatch with two main devices generating devices and cable rate. Rate generator is used to control the speed of electric current and cable to the heart serves as a conductor of electricity flow to the heart. In addition pacemaker is also equipped with sensors that will sense the activity of its users.

One disadvantage of this tool is on the cord, so users are strongly advised pacemaker to diligently control to immediately known if a pacemaker is not functioning optimally. Problems that often occur in pacemakers that regardless cables, wires and then squeezed so that power supply to the heart is not sent.

There are several reasons why cable can be detached or oppressed. Cables squeezed usually because patients are overweight so the heart has to work extra and cable oppressed because fat in the body.

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