Plastic Surgery To Makes Your Chin Looks Reshaped

Makes Looks Reshaped

Everyone wants to look beautiful and handsome. One element of a face that has its own allure is the chin. The face of this one can add aesthetic value to every appearance, especially for women. Chin desired shape many women in general is shaped somewhat sharp, while the chin is much desired by men is that there is a slit in the middle of the chin. To obtain the desired chin, many people choose to do plastic surgery. Plastic surgery chin to form a more beautiful chin is chin augmentation.

This surgery aims to add or promote the chin. This operation can be performed using implants, the same as doing surgery on the nose, or by forming a jaw bone without implants, by advancing the chin bone itself. In some patients, surgery can be performed in conjunction with liposuction existing under the chin and jaw area below to be able to form a better jaw line. For the selection of the type of actions to be carried out, it depends on the shortcomings that exist in each patient’s chin.

In general, before performing surgery, prior consultations on the wishes of the patient, and give an explanation of the surgery to be performed after thorough checking. This surgery when using the implant takes about 60 minutes, while to form bone takes a little longer. This surgery is day-surgery ie after completion of plastic surgery can go home or do not require hospitalization. For existing scars on the face or facial bones forming all done by making cuts in the mouth.

The healing process is the same surgery with other facial surgery requires a short time. After completing the surgery, the doctor will usually put plaster in the chin area, in order to reduce swelling and pain.

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