Reason Why Laser Procedure Turn Brown Eyes To Blue Is Possible

Reason Laser Procedure

Laser procedure to turn brown eyes to blue is quite possible today. Change the color of the eyeballs with laser surgery, has now become an issue of the latest beauty trends in the world. A company based in California offers a method of operation that claimed over the next few years were able to change the color of tanned eyeballs to blue. So, no need to wear a contact lens to change its appearance.

That why laser procedure to turn brown eyes to blue is possible this day. Stroma Medical Corporation (SMC) is the name of the method provider of laser eye color change. SMC develop procedures ‘non-invasive’ which uses a laser beam to melt a substance that looks brown melanin in the outermost layer of the iris portion of the eye. This condition causes the blue layer on the inside of the eye become hidden.

For your information laser procedure to change brown eyes to blue is the only option available from the laser irradiation method. Although sound sophisticated, this procedure is still in the test phase of preliminary research, so the companies still continue to test to improve it.

However, the SMC said if in the next few years, the method of changing the color of eyes will soon be available to the public. Albert Pang, O.D. Board-certified optometrists in Texas said that the focus of the problem of differences in eye color is melanin substances contained in the iris of each individual.

The more substance melanin you have, it will determine also the lightness or darkness of the iris color coating. By simply, this laser procedure is to remove or burn off some pigments that make the eyes look brown, not blue.

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