Requirement Lasik Eye Surgery Procedure

Lasik Eye Surgery

Of course just like any other surgery, there are some requirement for the lasik eye surgery procedure done. To run the lasik eye surgery, then your eyes shall meet the diverse fundamental and very important criteria. Then, what are the criteria that must be met by a prospective customer to LASIK eye surgery? You can find the answer below.

  • Your eyes must be healthy
  • Sufficient corneal thickness
  • Eyes that do not experience high refractive errors
  • Age appropriate, age above 18 years
  • Removing the contact lens for 14 days or a hard lens for 30 days before Lasik
  • Not pregnant / lactating
  • No high eye pressure
  • There is no o infection. No cataract problem

Although this operation is very popular as one of the effective vision correction procedures, some individuals may experience certain side effects and complications. So it is advisable to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of LASIK surgery before choosing this procedure. Although it has a high success rate, but it does not mean not having lasik eye deficiencies.

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