Reshaped Jaw line Filler Without Plastic Surgery

Filler  Reshaped  Plastic  Surgery

Plastic surgery has long been a lucrative business in Asia. One is Korea. In the land of the ginseng, plastic surgery became commonplace. So no wonder that almost all Korean artist to perform plastic surgery, one of which is operating the jaw. Jaw surgery is now becoming a trend in Korea, was already unpopular. Because, today many non-surgical treatment is offered in some beauty clinics, such as Botox and filler. Surgery is not a trend anymore. Now there are botox and filler without surgery, without a bandage and a long recovery process is able to reshaped jaw line.

Currently patients prefer filler for jaw reshaped that are smaller, so that the jaw surgery is considered a suitable alternative. Their cheeks so filled with thick masseter muscle. This makes the imbalance in overall facial appearance. This case can be solved with botulinum toxin type A into the masseter muscle and fill it to the chin. Botulinum toxin type A will relax the muscles as well as reduce and refine the jaw line. In addition, in order to fill the chin more prominent and visible oval fit the patient’s wishes.

In addition, can also be done filler. However, if the patient does not like it, the doctors have to cut the inside of the mouth to accentuate the chin. It probably would not feel comfortable. When injecting filler normal, then through injections that are not harmful to the body and can melt, then it can safely melt. But for the case of illegal treatment, there will be difficulty in removing the filler so require surgery. To eliminate the filler, the key is to choose a good hospital with doctors who have the skills, then there is no damage to the skin glands and nerve damage.

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