Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure For Nasal Harmonization

Having nasal harmonization to create beautiful face could be achieved through rhinoplasty surgery procedure. The nose is the main monument on the face. God created the nose in the middle of the face so that it becomes the object of attention that is typical when dealing face look. Besides that God created it in the form of stand so that it becomes the object of attention that is typical when seen from the side of the face. With the advantages, nose shape greatly affect the appearance and beauty of a person’s face.

Nose shape is distinctive identity; there are several nationalities / races have distinctive nose shape and different nations / other races. Among individuals in one nation / race was always there variations in the shape and size of the nose. Because of the shape and size look beautiful to others not yet certainly as beautiful for anyone else. Beautiful nose is not a sharp nose, or nose up or nose angled sloping backs, or a bare nose width. Nation / Asia race has different faces harmonization with Caucasians (whites), because it is often a client’s desire to mimic the shape of the idol good nose white people often result in new forms that are less suitable nose.

Beautiful nose is a nose that creates good harmony with its owner’s face. There are a few things that serve as a guide for good harmony between the nose with the face as a whole. Nose aquiline nose is a nose that has a high peak, and automatically backs nose width will become narrower. Nose less sharp generally have a wide spacing between the two nostrils, and the width of the back of the nose slightly larger than the long nose, that often creates the impression of distance between the eyes as if distant, strange, and for some clients present with a face that seemed less smart.

Objectively speaking, in terms of determining the harmonization of the nose to the surrounding structures, there are some parameters that can be measured. Among these parameters are the angles formed between the back of the nose with a face surface area (nasofacial angle), between the back of the nose to the forehead (nasofrontal angle) and between the back of the nose with a line formed virtual apex of the nose and chin (nasomental angle). Powell and Humphries conducted research and issued a conclusion that the aesthetic harmony will be achieved if nasofacial angle range of 30-40 °, nasofrontal angle range 115-130 °, dannasomental angle range 120-132 °

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