Rihanna Nose Job Surgery

Rihanna Nose Job
Bad Girl Rihana cant also escaped herself from the beauty enhancement procedure through plastic surgery’s It been a long time since her fame that this actress buffeted with the plastic surgery speculation. And of course this woman is always denying the speculation that she has had the surgery done to enhanced her looks. She may denied it but physically, her face showing us different thing. It seems that the actress has doing something to her nasal area though she then said that the makeup makes her nose changed. But of course we are not that stupid to believe what does she said. It seems that her appearance looks changed drastically and completely is because of plastic surgery and not only from makeup miracle done. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known as Rihanna, born February 20, 1988 in Saint Michael (Barbados) is a Barbadian singer and actress. Throughout his career, Rihanna has released seven studio albums and two albums of remixes, often changing style. Her debut album Music of the Sun is oriented dancehall, reggae and pop, and her second album, A Girl like Me remains in the same style as its predecessor.

Rihanna Nose job

Of course Rihanna not only accused having single plastic surgery only. But the most spotlight5ed and can’t be denied much longer by her is the indication of the nose job procedure. Her before and after picture show us obviously the changing both in its shape and size in her nasal area. It then strengthens the speculation that this Barbadian singer got plastic surgery done for the nose job. Lets observed the before and after picture to find out whether the plastic surgery is the real thing or just something to bring her down. In before picture, you will see that she has less pointed yet wider nasal shape. Her nasal bridge also looks so wide and less pointed than today. The nasal bridge also looks flatter than today. But as she getting famous, that nasal shape is also looks changed too. Her nose seems ting pointed and slimmer than before. The nasal bridge looks higher with smaller and reduced nasal cartilage. The tip also looks pointed and thinner as you can see today. Though its obvious, but we should admit that Rihanna plastic surgery for nose job working well on her.

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